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Travel to Egypt Part 1

Travel to Egypt Part 1

What I know about Egypt before my trip to this country, what is a country of perpetual sun and coral reefs. Just from the history course, I knew that in Egypt are the pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the world. And as the Suez Canal, which connects Europe and Asia, reducing the long way around the African continent.

In Egypt there are two major tourist centers: Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. The sea and the sun is in both cities. The main difference lies in the fact that a vacation in Hurghada you can visit the Egyptian pyramids, and relaxing in Sharm El Sheikh, you can go on a trip to Israel or Jordan. Just the main difference between this coral in Sharm El Sheikh are large and the fish floating in them are more varied.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of diving, and a holiday I had planned to spend sunbathing on a beach near the sea or the pool. But still I was drawn Jerusalem. This center is the world's religions.
Therefore, the choice I stopped at the Sharm El Sheikh. You could choose a city close to the border with Israel, but price comparisons and reviews on hotels showed that the rest are cheaper and better than it was in Sharm El Sheikh.

So, after collecting all the necessary purchasing a travel agency tickets, we at the appointed time, went to the airport. At the airport we got a nasty surprise, our plane was broken, and how much it will be repaired, we could not say. The approximate flight was delayed for 6 hours. After some discussion, we went home. Returning back to the airport, at the appointed time, we learned that the flight is delayed again for 4 hours. As it turned out, from the airport in Egypt is only one airline flies, and these delays are frequent. After 12 hours of waiting we took off and flew towards the south, summer, and just relaxing.

I love to travel, to look at people who are close to you. Everyone is a whole story, sometimes sad,
sometimes hilarious, sometimes just thoughtful. With us, the plane flew two couples who have only seen before that was a wedding when we were expecting, the aircraft they were looking at the camera video captured on their celebration. Hopefully, the delay of the flight they were not strongly tainted honeymoon.

Egypt welcomed us guides inviting complete documents for crossing the border. And when you exit the airport building a warm wind. How nice it was to get out of the cool wet environment in this summer-like warm breeze. We arrived at 3 am local time, passed passport control boarded on the buses and went to his hotel. By the way, we met checkpoint where there were men armed with machine guns. Became interested in who designed such posts. If the surrounding desert and if you wish, you can circumvent or avoid. Although it might not all so trivial, as it seemed at first glance.

In spite of this hour we have settled in the hotel without any problems. The reception gave us all the necessary documents, which we filled, and then handed us the keys to our room and wished him a pleasant time staying at the hotel.

The first impression of Egypt can be expressed, so there still quite hot in spite of the fact that the court of autumn. In general, it was great, we relaxed, sunbathed, swam in the sea and the water park. Yes, we have on site a water park, and it was great. I love to swim, sunbathe, and love. About the sea, too, can tell a lot of interesting things about how the bank breaks off and goes into the abyss, the bottom I did not notice. The fish were everywhere. There were many, they were different.

I do not like water world, but even I have caused great interest surrounding the water world. Donning a mask, I sailed along the reef and looked at the colorful fish swimming by. Nature was beyond praise. One embarrassing, every evening at the hotel car went in and out of gas, which they hunted, I do not know, but apparently something harmful.

Egypt is not only a gorgeous sea and warm sun, but also Egyptians themselves. With ordinary people, I did not communicate, communicate only with traders, taxi drivers and passers-by. To say that I enjoyed from my contacts, I can not. Knowing a few phrases in different languages, they start to communicate with you in trying to attract your attention, call your brother, a friend of anybody, but if you do not pay any attention to them, or just walk by without saying anything, they begin to swear you in seq. Thus showing that they want only your money. Although it should be noted that so do not all. There are nice people with whom you can just talk about anything, but it is more the exception than the rule.

About travel tour, I'll discuss in the next part of my story.

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