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Paris and its 10 survey sites

Paris and its 10 survey sites

Everyone who arrives in Paris wants to see his bird's-eye view to see all its beauty. Today I will discuss the ten places, with a magnificent view of the eternal city. In some well-known places, I'll just about such places, which usually do not tell, so we go.

1) The Eiffel Tower - to go upstairs, you need to buy a ticket. The tower consists of three floors, the tickets are sold on the second and third floor. On the second floor can be accessed using the lift and walk up the steps. On the third floor only to rise on the elevator with a change on the second floor. When buying tickets, pay attention to what turns you stand, so you do not waste time on another queue. There are options for recovery in the second floor of the elevator or on foot, and the upgrade option on the third floor.
Tip: sometimes in the evening stopped selling tickets on the third floor. However, rising on the second floor, you can buy tickets on the rise from the second floor to the third.
My friends are not able to enjoy Paris by night twice, until I told them about this opportunity.
Getting there: M6 Trocadero; RER C Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel;
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2) Tour Montparnasse - to go upstairs, you need to buy a ticket. Tour Montparnasse can admire the Eiffel Tower from a great height. It is the tallest building in the whole of France, therefore, is undoubtedly one of the best viewing platforms in Paris.
How to reach: M4, 6, 12, 13 Montparnasse Bienvenue
3) Arc de Triomphe - to go upstairs, you need to buy a ticket. Recovery feature to the arch is what you need to walk. Elevator is, but it is used only in special cases. So get ready to rise in advance. Inside the arches on the way to the viewing platform is also a museum where you can take a break when climbing stairs, buy souvenirs or just look at the exhibits.
Getting there: M1, 2, 6, RER A Charle de Gaulle Etoile
4) The Pantheon - to enter the building to buy a ticket. Many tourists visit the Pantheon, but few of them know that a couple of times a day everyone who bought a ticket, pass on the upper floors of the pantheon. On top of the pantheon called 360 degree panorama of Paris. Therefore, before going on an excursion indicate when access will be opened up.
Getting there: RER B Luxembourg
5) The Pompidou Center - to enter the building to buy a ticket. On the upper floors of the building there is access to the platform, which offers a magnificent 180 degree review of Paris. Tip: To avoid paying an entrance fee, you should visit cent in one of the holidays, when the entrance to the museums is free.
Getting there: M1, 11 Hotel de Ville
6) Notre Dame de Paris - to go upstairs, you need to buy a ticket. Rise up is on the left side of the entrance. I was not lucky enough to go upstairs, once I arrived after closing, and the second restoration took place, and the rise to the top was closed. Therefore, details, or give advice, when once again I will go to France.
How to reach: M4 Cite
7) The Basilica of Sacre Coeur. The observation deck located in front of the basilica. Due to the fact that the basilica is located on a high hill, called a great review. You can sit quietly on the stairs and admire the surrounding scenery.
Tip: Be very careful when going to the basilica. For you will approach people and offer to play, do not stop and move on. In my acquaintance in this place stole a purse.
Getting there: M2 Anvers
8) Gallery Lafayette. A lot of people to shop in this shopping center, but few know that it can climb to the roof and admire the surroundings, such as the national opera.
Getting there: M7, 8, 9, Galeries Lafayette
9) Grande Arche - to go upstairs, you need to buy a ticket. Top overlooking the Eyvelevuyu Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, as well as the entire district La Défense. Rise up is a glass elevator, from which you can admire the surrounding landscape. The upper floor is a museum and shop.
Getting there: M1, RER A La Defense
10) Platform in a park in Montreuil. The last area is already outside of Paris, but I liked the landscape, with which it opens on the city. I got covershenno chance on this place, at a time when rain. Clouds over Paris have already passed and there shone a bright sun, and I stood under an umbrella and admired.
Getting there: M9 Marie de Montreuil then Bus 122 Saint Just
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