Saturday, March 20, 2010

Traveling to Turkey Part 1.

Traveling to Turkey Part 1.

My acquaintance with Turkey began with a proud Kemer. Vacation in Turkey I liked it, but there were some unpleasant moments. Perhaps they will show you not essential, but to me it seems a bit spoiled

It all started with the fact that I decided to come across your birthday at sea, under the warm rays of the sun. After visits to travel agencies, my choice fell on Turkey in Kemer. I chose to Kemer for the reason that this city and it is where to walk, but the city is not so large so it was a lot of tourists. In small villages, I was not looking.

Choosing a city for the trip, I began to choose their hotel.

Tip: A complete list of hotels can be found on the websites of tourism operators. You can find them in any search engine. Ibid, site operator, if you do something like it, you can find the travel agency where you can buy tickets.

Tip: for more complete information about your selected hotels, I recommend to read reviews of tourists who have visited these hotels. Sometimes the marks may vary widely. In this case, you should pay attention to the objectivity and validity of ratings. Each hotel has its pluses and minuses, choosing one of the hotels, see what you would be the best.

Choose a hotel, I began to call the travel agencies to find out the price at which they sell tickets to this hotel.

Tip: do not rush to buy tickets in the first agency, the price may vary. Some agencies may hold shares, reducing prices to attract customers. So, try to find out the prices in different agencies before you make a purchase of tickets.

Tip: Plan to travel in advance, preferably two or three months. The fact that all the best proposals will be sold and you will remain on the choice of very expensive hotels or hotels with low quality of service.

By purchasing tickets, I calmly waited for the happy moment of the beginning of my journey. But I was very surprised, I got a call from the agency, apologized and said that for technical reasons arising from my tourist operator I can not get into my chosen hotel. Instead, the hotel offered me a more expensive option. I agreed to the proposed exchange, after which I was told that after a week contact me and we will exchange tickets for tickets to another hotel. A week later contacted me, but has told other news, the issues that have arisen from the operator, had been settled, and no exchange will not occur. It makes me a little upset, I had the internet to read the description of the hotel and I liked him.

Their belongings in the road and the documents I have collected in advance, so the day of departure without undue haste, I went to the airport, passed the customs control and waited for boarding. Departure flight was delayed for half an hour, after this time the captain asked everyone to fasten your seat belts and we flew to Turkey. Thus began my journey in this country.

Traveling to Turkey, listen to Turkish music:

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