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Luxembourg Part 1.

Luxembourg Part 1.

Luxembourg - European Capital, along with Strasbourg and Brussels is headquartered European Union. In Luxembourg, you can find the European Court of Justice, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Court of Auditors, European Investment Bank, and many other European organizations and institutions.


1) By car
Luxembourg located in the heart of Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Belgium and France.
This gives a big plus, the city, as the country itself, is connected with other European countries excellent network of roads. You can travel to Luxembourg on the following roads: A1, A3, A4, A6, A7 and A13.
The main directions of motion:
France: Metz 60 km, Paris 370 km, Strasbourg 222 km.
Belgium: Brussels 225 km, 254 km Antwerp, Liege 168 km.
Germany: Trier 48 km Köln 197 km, Frankfurt 275 km.

2) By train
In Luxembourg you can get with the French TGV trains, and trains German ICE. The railway station is located near the city center.
From France: Paris (2 hours 10 minutes on the road), Strasbourg, Metz.
From Germany: Trier, Cologne, Koblenz.
From Belgium: Brussels, Liege.
From Switzerland: Basel.

3) The airplane
Airlines that fly to Luxembourg:
- Air France
- Alitalia
- Austrian Airlines
- British Airways
- City Jet
- Czech Airlines
- Hamburg International
- Hahn Air
- Iceland Express
- LOT (Polish airlines)
- Lufthansa
- Luxair
- Swiss +
- TAP Portugal
- Tunisair
With this large selection, you can fly anywhere in the world.

To get to the airport is now possible: by car, by bus 16 or taxi.
Since 2016 is planned to start the branch railway, which will connect the railway station and airport (the new terminal A).

Luxembourg Attractions
Luxembourg is divided into two parts, upper and lower town. The separation takes place along two rivers, which flow through the city. Both parts of the city are connected by more than a hundred bridges, each unique. The residence of the Grand Duke is located in the upper part of the city. Many buildings in this part of the built in Gothic style. There is also the Parliament building and City Hall. Ruins of a watch tower which was built by the Romans, the Gothic cathedral and the rock chapel. And the Palace of Justice, built in the Renaissance.

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