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Strasbourg Part 1.

Strasbourg Part 1.

Strasbourg - French city, situated on the border with Germany. Feature of the city is its architecture. Throughout its history, the city passed into the ownership of France then Germany then. What brought the city a unique architectural feature. Strasbourg became a symbol of reconciliation between the two states.


1) By plane
- In Strasbourg you can fly an airplane company Ryanair. You arrive at the airport Karlsruhe-Baden is located 40 kilometers from the city.
- You can also use the services of Easyjet. Planes fly in the company's Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport.
- Strasbourg International Airport, located 10 kilometers from the city, 25 minutes away by bus. From this airport you can fly anywhere in the world, along with Air France.

2) By train
In Strasbourg is the second largest train station in France. From the station you can go anywhere in France, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.
Since 2007, Strasbourg is connected to Paris, a high-speed railway. Now you can travel by TGV (high speed trains). Travel time was reduced almost by half. Now to get to Paris you will need a little more than two hours.

3) By car
- West direction Benelux, Paris. Take the A4 motorway. About 4 hours take the road to Paris.
- South Lyon area, Switzerland. Take the motorway A35. About 5 hours will take the road to Lyons.
- North and east Germany. Take the motorway A5.

4) On the bus
At Strasbourg, there is no bus station, but through the city goes through many transit bus routes. For example, to get to Strasbourg, you can use the services of bus companies Euroline.

Attractions Strasbourg:

The city has many tourist and historical sites worth visiting. Strasbourg can be studied in different ways. On foot, taking a bicycle or a car, boat or take on a special tourist train. You can do everything yourself, or to contact the travel agency, where hire a guide.

The main attractions are:

Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathedrale de Notre Dame) - the main feature of the cathedral is the fact that its construction was attended by France and Germany. Each country has added to it something special and unique. The Cathedral was built over 300 years and at the end of construction it was the tallest building in Europe.

Wine Cellar city hospital - if you are a connoisseur of wine, you want to penetrate the atmosphere of Alsatian wine, you should visit this place. Here you can taste many varieties of regional wines.

Petite France - Strasbourg area located on the main island of the city, where the river splits into numerous channels. The area is built up stone-wooden houses, there you will find many restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.

Covered bridge - the towers and pedestrian bridges, which are at the end of Little France. Covered bridges are one of most famous sights of Strasbourg. My name they got from the last of the covered wooden bridge, which connects the three towers.

German District - an area at the center of the city, built in the German neo-classical architecture. With a small park in the center.

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