Friday, July 2, 2010

Luxembourg Part 2.

Luxembourg Part 2.

My trip to Luxembourg

When I was on language training in Paris, then the question arose, where to go at the weekend. The options we had a few: Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, or just go to the ocean. The most interesting options for me were Rome and Luxembourg. Option to go to the ocean I liked, too, but it was difficult to determine where to go, because the cities on the coast so much and so many beautiful places which I would like to visit.

In Rome, my boyfriend lived acquaintance, who could we arrange a free tour of the city. But due to the fact that not all had enough money to pay for travel to Rome and back, this option is not approached.

Why we chose Luxembourg, rather than Belgium, Holland or Germany? Probably because some of us had already been to Belgium, someone was in the Netherlands, and someone already had time to visit Germany. But no one was in Luxembourg. So we went to the station to buy train tickets to Luxembourg.

I like to travel in Europe, because if you are under 26 years, and book a ticket in advance, then you can buy it for a small price. If we had time, and we pre-booked tickets, it would go in Rome. But until the weekend left two days, and round-trip cost 150 euros.

Getting started Luxembourg
For us, it starts from the station. Early in the morning we left the train and went to the station.

Tip: If you are the first time in a strange town looking for a tourist office, where you will be told about all the local attractions to supply the city map and wish a pleasant journey. One but you have to say even if in English or original language in which you eat. :)

Watching the internet pictures of Luxembourg, I expected to find himself, if not in the mountains, in the hilly terrain accurately. But having left the station, I did not find anything like this. The truth was that before the old part of town had to pass before we see all that show up in Internet photos, tourists visit the city.

All day we walked around the town, considering its sights. Once the car was met with Russian numbers, driving along a lonely road, on Saturday, life in the city stopped, wandered around the city just the same as we are tourists. Local residents apparently prefer their own travel or just sit home and relax.

I'm not going to advertise the city. I can only say if you like old buildings, you love to wander its narrow streets, then you can go to Luxembourg and the city you should definitely appear. But besides the beauty around us so we do not know about the city. A pity, in this city should be a very turbulent history. In my next trip to Luxembourg, I always prepared well, or just use a tourist trip, where the city's history will tell me a guide.

After strolling around the city all day in the evening we had a bite in coffee, and returned to the station where we waited for the last surprise. If you went to the TGV, you should know that before you get into a train ticket to valide otherwise it will be invalid. Imagine our surprise when we did not find any device for that. We decided to ask for help from the staff SNCF. He told us that outside France tickets are not valide, they just need to show the controller and all.

At the end of our trip to the quiet but beautiful city of Luxembourg, in two hours, we returned to the noisy, boiling life of Paris.

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